525 Receiver Shorts

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Customfield Child Variant

525 shorts - The First Wearable Sex Machine.

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525 shorts help you create your own wearable sex machine in conjunction with the F-Machine Tremblr. Perfect for playroom activities to immersive VR sessions - where you need to stay completely hands free.

Specially designed to incorporate our Tremblr receivers, the 525 shorts not only increase the hands free capability of Tremblr, but also enhance the sensations by providing a significant opposing force to the receivers action. This means Tremblr not only sucks but now ‘pushes’ as well!

Made from a special Lycra type materials that is both stretchy and incredibly soft, they look sexy, feel sexy and are so functional they are going to blow your mind.

Buy two pairs, get free shipping!

Sizing Guide : Waist (inches)

Small : 30-32"

Medium : 32-34"

Large : 34-36"

X-Large : 36-38''

  2X-Large : 38-40''