Custom Receiver Kit
Tremblr accessory

RECEiVER KIT (Sil) 2.jpg
RECEiVER KIT (Sil) 2.jpg RECEiVER KIT (Sil) 2.jpg_product RECEiVER KIT (Sil) 2.jpg_product RECEiVER KIT (Sil) 2.jpg_product RECEiVER KIT (Sil) 2.jpg_product RECEiVER KIT (Sil) 2.jpg_product
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Okay… so you clicked here. Congratulations, this means you are now an advanced Tremblr user and you are looking to perfect your experience.

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Our custom receiver kit contains EVERYTHING you need to build a millimetre perfect receiver shell and cut your chosen sleeve to the correct length.

Everyone is different, short and fat, long and thin or maybe short and thin. Don’t worry, because we have you covered. We did our homework analysing all the data available from around the world covering penis size when we designed the F-Machine Tremblr. From this data we were able to create 3 sleeve sizes and 3 receiver sizes that could be supplied with the machine that would cover the vast majority people. However, we were also aware that perfection means perfection and that we could go one step further with a custom receiver kit.

The custom kit is supplied with 3 sleeve sizes, tools and glue so you can cut your own personal receiver precisely to length & choose the optimum sleeve size for your weapon.

Please note, some basic model making skills are required as you will need to carefully, measure, cut and finish and glue the receiver. We’ve put a video together that is available on YouTube to show you how it’s done. It won’t take you long and its worth investing the time and money to attain matrix supremacy.

One Machine, F-Machine.